Standard Colors



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Design Tips


In most instances is is most desirable that the sing be perfectly symmetrical so that it will look the same from either side. This is not always an easy task when creating complex shapes from scratch. One simple method is to place your shape in the middle of the work space and duplicate it right over itself. Then flip the shape horizontally. Any inconsistencies will be evident. Make the appropriate adjustments and then select both shapes and weld them together.

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Color Choices

Our Most Popular Colors

PVC Signs offers 42 Standard Colors. This collection is based on a sampling of the most popular colors and offers the designer a rich pallet. Due to the limitations and variances in monitor calibration the on-screen colors may not be an exact representation of the actual color.

Please note that the on-screen colors are not necessarily precise representations of actual paint colors due to variance in monitor calibrations.

Color Cross-reference Chart

In a continuing effort to provide you with the most comprehensive design tools, PVC Signs is currently compiling a Color Cross Reference Chart. This chart will allow the designer to cross match our standard colors with some of the most commonly used Color Swatch books and charts such as Pantone matching System, the Avery Vinyl Chart, Sherwin Williams Paint Chart, Benjamine Moore Paint Chart, and RGB codes.

 Please check back with us to see this chart or contact us for this information.

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