Getting Started - Tips for creating and submitting your Artwork

Design Tips


In most instances is is most desirable that the sing be perfectly symmetrical so that it will look the same from either side. This is not always an easy task when creating complex shapes from scratch. One simple method is to place your shape in the middle of the work space and duplicate it right over itself. Then flip the shape horizontally. Any inconsistencies will be evident. Make the appropriate adjustments and then select both shapes and weld them together.

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iCan’t find that perfect font? Then go to the source for 1000’s of fonts at FONTS.COM

Help Us Design Your Sign

1 - Choose Your Sign Shape

Choose one or more sign shapes from our Sign Blank Gallery

3 - Choose Type of Sign
  • Ground Sign
  • Wall Sign
  • Street Sign
  • House Sign

Do you just want the sign, or would you like a complete Sign Kit? Is the sign going to be single or double sided?

3 - Choose Your Colors

Choose up to 3 colors for your sign. 

  • Background Color
  • Lettering Color
  • Border Color
4 - Choose Your Fonts
  • Main Text
  • Secondary Text
5 - Add Your Extras
  • Outer Frame Border
  • Logo or Graphic Elements
  • 23Kt Gold leaf or Silver Leaf
  • Sign Riders
6 - Choose Your Accessories
  • PVC Posts
  • PVC Caps
  • PVC Ornamental Picket Sections
  • PVC Fence and Fence Sections
  • PVC Arbors Pergolas and Trellis
  • PVC Brackets and Architectural Accents
  • Aluminum Scroll Brackets
  • Wrought Iron Brackets

Submitting Your Artwork

1 - Artwork must be in Vector Format

Below are the common, vector based, Software Packages.

We support the 4 on the left in Bold Print

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel Draw
  • SignLab
  • Flexi Sign
  • Casmate
  • Sign Wizard
  • Vinyl Cad
  • Omega
2 - Preparing your artwork for submittal
  • Convert all Text to Graphics
  • UN-Group all elements
  • Make sure that there are no Thick Line attributes
  • Outlines must be made a separate graphic not an “outline object”
  • Export your files as .eps (best), .png or .svg
  • E-mail your file as an attachment to

Creating Artwork for a carved sign.

  • Never make text smaller than 5/8"
  • Raised areas should be no smaller than 3/16"
  • Areas to be painted different colors should be separated by 1/8”
  • Sign often looks better with at least a 3/4" outside border
  • Routed areas should be no smaller than 1/4" wide
  • Keep your layout simple. Very fine details tend to get lost.

This sign is a good example of very detailed artwork which has been simplified for maximum results.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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