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Ground Sign Kit Assembly

Kit Assembly1 Page

1- Place protective sheeting (larger than sign)
   on ground where sign is to be installed.

2- Place Sign on protective sheet.

3- Slide left post slot in the direction of arrows
  over top corners of sign tabs

4- Rotate posts inward while pulling in direction
   of arrows to insert post firmly in top of post slot.

Kit Assembly2 Page

5- Once the bottom of the sign tabs
  clear the bottom of the post slot,
  push the posts up in the direction
  of the second arrow to seat sign
  in bottom of post slot.

6- Repeat procedure with right post.

7- Dig your holes, into which your posts
  will be inserted, making sure to leave
  enough clearance so posts will
  go in freely.

Kit Assembly3 Page

 8- Stand up your Sign Assembly
   and insert in post holes.
 9- Level sign and plumb posts.

10- Install Post Caps and secure
   with silicone or PVC Glue.

Ready mixed concrete (post mix) can be used to back-fill your holes and you can even fill the posts with concrete before installing caps, or
you can insert a 4 x 4 pressure treated post.

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