E-Z Sign Kit Assembly System

Signs are inserted into the precut slots in the PVC post. The Bracket is then secured to the bottom of the Sign and the post with countersunk screws. the screw heads can then be hidden by filling with white silicone.

Sign Kit Installation

Our PVC Street Sign Kits can be installed by using a 4” x 8’ treated wood post from your local lumber yard, or by using our Galvanized Steel posts and PVC Post Shims.

Contact us for more information on installation techniques.

PVC Sign Kit Riders

Precision Cut 1” Thick PVC - UV Resistant, Waterproof and Bug proof

 1 - Vinyl Ready White Blanks
 2 - White Background with Vinyl Graphics
 3 - Vinyl Ready Painted Blanks
 4 - Painted Background with Vinyl Graphics
 5 - White Background with Carved & Painted Graphics
 6 - Painted Background with Carved & Painted Graphics
 7 - Painted Background with Genuine 23Kt. Gold Leaf

Hanging and Slotted Riders are almost always fabricated from 1” thick material for maximum strength. The Face Mounted Rider can be either 1”, or 3/4” thick if Carved and in some cases 1/2’ when Vinyl Lettered 

Slotted Rider Kit Hanging Rider Kit
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