Standard Shipping

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UPS Ground Shipping

Standard UPS Ground for Signs up to 21 Sq.Ft., Post & Caps Sets, and most Ornamental Picket sections.

For more information regarding shipping via UPS Click on the UPS LOGO

Shipping Large Signs and Large Quantity Orders

Signs greater than 21 sq.ft., Multiple Signs, Large Posts & Caps and Quantity orders are shipped by Common Carrier.

To insure that you are getting the best possible rate on your shipment we use Freight Click on their Logo below for additional information.

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Most orders can be shipped via UPS, and FedEX is available. Larger signs and large orders of multiple signs or components will ship by common carrier. Shipping charges are additional to any prices quoted unless otherwise specified. Shipping charges are approximate, and may vary from carrier to carrier. Shipping charges are subject to change without notice, since that are not in our control. Insurance is optional but highly recommended.

Carrier Chart

The Carrier Chart illustrates the standard method of shipping. The method of shipping is calculated based on a combination of the weight and dimensions of the parcel. Yellow indicate UPS Ground, and Pink indicates Motor Freight.

 Click on the image to see the full chart.

UPS Ground Chart


The UPS Ground chart illustrates approximate shipping time from our location to the various zones.

 Click on the image to see the full chart.


Packing & Crating

All signs and accessories are shipped in protective packaging to minimize the possibility of damage. However, insurance, although optional is recommended. Crating for large orders is additional, but the standard packing charges are credited toward any optional crating charges.


Insurance is optional but highly recommended. You are purchasing products that are unique and in many cases are “one of a kind” creations. Great care is taken to produce quality products that require attention to detail and can be quite labor intensive

PVC SIGNS makes every possible attempt to provide proper packaging. However, although not common, accidents do happen. We can not take responsibility for any damages that may occur during shipping. Therefore it is important that you protect your investment.

Shipping Costs

Shipping Costs will vary depending on your location and therefore are calculated separately. This insures that each and every client is paying the same price for any specific product, regardless of their geographical location.

The actual Shipping Costs are determined by sourcing all the Common Carriers to determine the best possible rate for a specific shipment, to a specific location. We will make every possible effort to ship to you by the most affordable means.

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